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Member Directory

To view our member directory or update your information, please login to ACS here. Once you log in, you can download the Church Life app on your iPhone or Android supported phones and have instant access to the directory.

For more info, visit My FPC.



Reserve a Room

To book rooms for meeting/class or event here at FPC please contact Terrie Sears, Church Administrator (or 804-358-2383 x 122). These are the rooms available to be reserved:

  • Fellowship Hall

  • Chapel

  • Parlor

  • Rec room

  • 109

  • 205

  • 206

  • 207

  • 216

  • 218

  • 219

Download church floorplan here (PDF).

Memorial Garden

Our Memorial Garden can receive the cremains of members of the church family who have elected cremation. Members and pastors of the church and their spouses, children and step-children, parents and step-parents may be eligible to use the Memorial Garden.

Eligible individuals may reserve the right to use the Garden by making a suitable contribution to the Memorial Garden Fund.  The church recommends a contribution of $500.00 to cover the cost of the memorial nameplate, interment of cremains, and future maintenance of the Garden.

The Session has entrusted the administration of the Garden to the Worship Committee which may from time to time revise these guidelines or approve specific exceptions.

Committal services in the Memorial Garden may be planned in consultation with the pastors of the church.  A memorial plaque has been provided to affix uniformally designed plates recording the deceased’s name, date of birth, and date of death.  The church is also responsible for maintaining suitable landscaping, seating, and any floral arrangements the Worship Committee may request.  No other decorations are permitted.

For further information about the Memorial Garden, please talk with one of the pastors or Terrie Sears.