Leadership & Staff

Rev. Mary Kay Collins

Associate Pastor for Congregational Life

Office: (804) 358-2383 ext. 116

Questions about pastoral care, the deacons, Neighbors at First, baptism, weddings, memorial services, membership, and fellowship events can be directed to Mary Kay.


  • Bible Verse: 1 Corinthians 13:12
  • Movies: Life is Beautiful, The Piano, Babett’s Feast, Inside Out, and most of the movies Rob Collins recommends
  • Books: Life of the Beloved, Traveling Mercies, Telling Secrets, Uncovering Happiness, The Magic of Tidying Up
  • Podcasts: Square Peg, Unlocking Us with Brene Brown, Good Life Project, other podcasts my colleagues recommend
  • TV Shows: The Daily Show, This is Us, and whatever new interesting series are available
  • Music: U2, Indigo Girls, eclectic, folk, jazz, classical
  • For fun I like to: Go for walks, watch movies, and eat good meals.

About Mary Kay

I grew up in Central Florida, youngest of four children. My parents worked for Young Life and I spent every summer from ages two to 18 at Windy Gap, a Young Life camp in North Carolina.  I graduated from Flagler College in St. Augustine,  Florida in 1990. After working as a youth minister, then a barista at an espresso bar, I went to seminary at Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, Georgia.

My first call in ministry was in Nashville, Tennessee. My second call was to my home church in Maitland, Florida. This is where I met my husband Rob. Within three years of our wedding, we had three children (!), Maya (now 18), Charlie (16), and Alex (16).  Richmond has become a good home for these Floridians. We enjoy a little snow in the winter and color on the trees in the fall.

I began my ministry at FPC Richmond in 2007. Each year that I have been serving in the church has brought with it new adventures, wonderful relationships and great opportunities to learn more about how it is we are called to be Jesus followers. I feel called to help make connections, strengthen relationships and grow God’s church, all things that I get to participate in at FPC.

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Elders are charged with the oversight of the life of our congregation – leading, governing, and caring for its members.  Both individually and collectively (as the Session), elders provide leadership in worship, teaching, mission, evangelism, care and nurture.  Along with the pastors, the elders are the shepherds of the flock.

Deacons are charged with the sympathy, witness and service for all our members. Deacons are persons of spiritual character, honest repute, exemplary lives, brotherly and sisterly love, warm sympathies and sound judgment. Both individually and collectively (as the Diaconate), deacons provide compassionate care for all church members. 

The Session

Class of 2023

Pratt Cook
Katherine Guise, Youth Ministry Chair
Bill Hardy, Property Chair
Mary Doswell
Jane Pratt
Leslie Stewart, Personnel Co-Chair

Class of 2024

Christina Annas
Neely Barnhardt, Faith Formation Council Co-Chair
Caley Cantrell
Mary D. Ellison, Clerk of Session
LaMont Noble
Nicholas Reynolds, Finance Chair

Class of 2025

Heather Cooper, Worship Chair
Elizabeth Darling, Outreach Co-Chair
Clark Lewis
Ann Nickels, Communications Chair
Jim Purser, Outreach Co-Chair
Susan Sokolsky

The Diaconate

Class of 2023

Laura Bland
Rachael Brown
Ingrid Davis
Elizabeth Hiles
Chip Hoke
Cristy Jarvis
Corell Moore
Katie Morgan, Moderator
Robbie Rice
Judy Watkins
Kim Wright

Class of 2024

Jon Chase
Mary Farrell
Connie Gottwald
Julie Magrath
Jon Morris
Ashley Raggi
Teddy Reynolds
Karen Rohr
Kathy Smallwood
Beth Witt

Class of 2025

Kim Basmajian
Sally Brown
Burton Kunz
Ann Latstetter
Melissa Layfield
Sean McAndrew
Tara Modisett
Rose Lane Nimmo
Cortland Putbrese
Christa Santos
Anton Van Thoen
Marsha Williams