Planned Giving

December 13, 2023

What is the First Fund?
The First Fund was established in 2019 by the Session as an unrestricted sub-fund of the FPC Endowment Fund.  The First Fund is similar in character in all material respects to the existing General Fund of the Endowment Fund.  The intent of the First Fund is to have a perpetual life with distributions of principal and interest as authorized by the Endowment Board of Directors and Session for the benefit of FPC.  The First Fund serves as the recipient of all planned gifts to the church. 

What is Planned Giving?
Planned giving is the third leg of the financial stool that underpins the current and future financial stability of FPC.  The yearly budget, the first leg of the stool, is primarily funded through the annual stewardship campaign. Periodic capital campaigns, the second leg, generally support special projects, often related to new construction, renovations, and special missions.

A planned gift (sometimes called a legacy gift) is a donation that is designated for a charitable organization like FPC, made either during the donor’s lifetime or at the donor’s death.  Planned gifts are commonly donated through a will, trust, or beneficiary designation.  The gifts are cash, stock, retirement accounts, or other assets.  Planned gifts allow a donor to make charitable donations in a manner that benefits both the donor and the charitable organization. 

FPC is proud of its ability to be wise and strategic with its current resources; however, the church has the potential to do so much more in the name of Christ.  We want to ensure continued vitality and leadership of FPC through unrestricted planned giving and a healthy endowment fund. 

How Do I Make a Gift?

We are grateful for your generous giving.  Please consult with your legal, financial, and tax advisors to consider how creative gifts to FPC fit into your financial, charitable and estate planning goals. 

Wishing you a joyful holiday season,

The FPC Planned Giving Committee:
 Shep Haw 
Debra Harris 
Jim Irby 
Gaylon Layfield 
Clarke Lewis 
M.R. Litman 
Amy Starr Redwine 
Jimmy Rose Missy Ryan

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