Nicaragua Partnership

Help a Child Get an Education - Click Here to Donate or Sponsor 

Imagine being able to support a student...all year...for $300! As part of FPC's ongoing partnership with the Central Moravian Church in Bluefields, Nicaragua, we support and sponsor students at the nearby Central Moravian School through annual scholarships. The students are selected by a committee at the school based on character and academic achievement.

A recent testament to the success of this program was a visit to FPC on October 8 by Lawrence Bustamante, who was a student sponsored by the now-defunct 39ers Sunday School class for four years. After high school, he went to a university in Leon, Nicaragua; he was then awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to the University of Akron(Ohio) for graduate work. He was hired by the World Bank in Managua, where he prospered, and then was promoted to the bank headquarters in Washington, D.C., where he has been since February.    

What a great story this is! And there have been numerous other successes since FPC started the scholarship program in the mid-'90s. Would you like to participate? The cost is $300 per student per year, which covers tuition, uniforms, books and meals. Sponsors can be individuals, families, small groups, PW Circle members, Sunday School classes, etc.

Please consider a sponsorship for a worthy student who comes from a very limited environment, and who will be very grateful for your support. For more information, contact Mert Fowlkes (use MyFPC, or contact the church) or click here to donate.