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This Sunday: July 22, 2018

10:00 am Combined Worship - Sanctuary

"Jumping All In" - Esther Choi

Ezekiel 47:3-9 & Philippians 3:7-14



Week of July 13, 2018

Session to Call a Director of Mission and Outreach

At its June 25 meeting, the Session decided to call a Director of Mission and Outreach, who will be charged to guide and enthuse the Outreach Council and FPC mission volunteers, motivating and training the congregation in personal missional engagement, and connecting with and supporting FPC Mission Partners. The Director of Mission and Outreach will serve on the ministry staff and report to the pastor-head of staff (HOS). This decision to create this new staff position came as a recommendation from a special Outreach Task Force that was created to assess, learn, and discern the best structure and focus for the mission and outreach of First Presbyterian Church.  

FPC has a long and rich history of generous benevolence and active volunteer service in partnership with mission efforts in Richmond, as well as on regional, national, and international levels. Annually, FPC connects with over 40 organizations through financial support, volunteer involvement, or use of FPC facilities. Within Presbytery of the James FPC has long provided generous support for the mission of the presbytery, synod, and general assembly. Over 13% of the annual church budget is devoted to benevolence and mission.

Despite FPC’s significant financial investment and active volunteer involvement, the congregation’s mission does not have a sharp focus. Many members have limited involvement in and knowledge of our current mission “partners” and the financial support the congregation provides.

Given this “current state” of mission at FPC, the Outreach Task Force concluded “FPC’s stewardship of monetary resources, time, talents and property with a wide range of organizations is generous, but has the opportunity to be transformed for a deeper impact and to more fully realize our call as a congregation. In order to achieve this transformation, a dedicated staff leader must be identified and a newly energized Outreach Council must be established to serve as a single structure to facilitate all mission connections.”

The term of interim Associate Pastor Esther Choi, who has been staffing the Outreach Task Force and the FPC outreach and mission ministries, will end soon. The Director of Mission and Outreach will not replace an associate pastor position. For the short term that associate pastor position will not be filled. After the arrival of the pastor/HOS the larger staff design will be revisited and refined.

A search committee, chaired by Outreach Council chair and elder Vaughan Aaronson, is now receiving applications for the Director of Mission and Outreach position. Read the full position description here.

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Prayer List

Please keep in your prayers:

Those with special concerns:

  • Carole Farnham
  • Margaret Ford
  • Billy George
  • Julie Holswade
  • Sarah Kay
  • Kindra Kirkeby
  • Jessica Peed (Ann Ayer's cousin)
  • Charlie Russell (Carolyn Wright's brother)
  • Charles Tolson (Kathy Louthan's brother)

  • Marinel Wright

Those rejoicing:

  • Kate and Henry Christner on the birth of their son, Hugh Arthur Christner, on July 6.

Those grieving:

  • The family and friends of Jim Buckle; Jim died on July 8.
  • Christy Harmon and family, on the death of her brother, Howard Burns, on July 3. 
  • Joe and Peggy Rudder and family on the death of Joe's brother, Jack Rudder, on July 11.

  • Marion Pace and children on the death of their husband/father and Hermie and Watson Powell on the death of their son-in-law, Samuel Pendleton Pace, on July 12.

Members and family serving in the military:

  • Edward Allen
  • Jenny Sigel Burkett
  • Matthew Horton
  • Mason Louthan
  • Nathan Thomas Meade

Please let us know if you have a joy or concern that we may lift up in prayer. Contact Mary Kay Collins, or any of our pastors. If you are in immediate need of pastoral care,  please call the church office at 358-2383. During night and weekend hours, your call will be transferred to a pastor on call.



Friday, July 13
Ginny Caldwell
Marin Durand
Paige Smith

Saturday, July 14
Margaret Holland
Carter Schumacher
Ramsey Slye
Zoe Smith
Avery Wiltshire

Sunday, July 15
Charlie Edmunds
Lizzie Grover
Win Kottkamp
Echol Marshall
Will Parrish
Sara Wright

Monday, July 16
Grace de Venoge
Clark Lewis
Charles Reed, Jr.

Tuesday, July 17
Tyler Ball
Kate Christner
Sam Corey
Tommy Davis, Jr.
Becky Mauck
Suzanne Villani
Rob Westbrook, II
Caroline Wood
Kim Wright

Wednesday, July 18
Matthew Burnside
Coates Carter
Owen Suter, III

Thursday, July 19
Virginia McAndrew
Sherryll Anne Pace
Carter Rise, Jr.
Mollie Taylor

Friday, July 20
John Robertson
Sarah Romer
Gilbert Shockley, Jr.

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