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This Sunday: June 30, 2019

10:00 am Combined Worship - Sanctuary

Amy Starr Redwine, preaching



Week of June 21, 2019

Let Inward Love Guide Every Deed

This week in worship we will sing one of my favorite hymns, “Though I May Speak.”  It includes one of my favorite scriptures, the famous 1 Corinthians 13.

The premise of the hymn and text is: without love, we’re pretty empty. Here’s a video with the music and text: 

This is a great prayerful reminder for me when I start to get busy and try to run life. It helps me to remember that if what I am doing is not centered in love, it’s not worth it. 

Two weeks ago, I officiated four graveside or memorial services in our congregation. At the end of the day, what mattered most to all of the families I met with was love. It’s at the center of all that gives us life. It is not always happy—it is sometimes (especially at a time of death) deeply painful. But it is the expression that gives us the courage to be in relationship with one another and to care for each other. 

God’s love is deep and wide and available. May we rest in this love today and let it guide us in all our busy-ness, our fear, our relationships, even our rest—praying:

Come, Spirit, come, our hearts control, our spirits long to be made whole. Let inward love guide every deed; by this we worship, and are freed.

See you in church,


Prayer List

Please keep in your prayers:

Those with special concerns:

  • Bob Mayfield

  • Archie and William Henry Oglesby

  • Suzanne Spivey

  • Bebe Trice

  • Anne Woodfin

Those rejoicing:

  • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Archie Oglesby III on the birth of their twins, Joseph Archie Oglesby IV and William Henry Oglesby, on June 11. Archie and William Henry's grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. William Henry Harris III.

Those attending the Massanetta Springs Middle School Conference: Elise Cardot (chaperone), Henry Kirkeby, Jack Kirkeby, Derek Redwine (chaperone), Sarah Redwine, Quinn Redwine

Members and family serving in the military:

  • Edward Allen

  • Jenny Sigel Burkett

  • Matthew Horton

  • Mason Louthan

  • Nathan Thomas Meade

  • Connor Partlow

  • Peyton Spivey

Please let us know if you have a joy or concern that we may lift up in prayer. Contact Mary Kay Collins, or any church staff. If you are in immediate need of pastoral care, please call the church office at 358-2383. During night and weekend hours, your call will be transferred to a pastor on call.



Friday, June 21
Courtney Chase
Erin Chase
Ted Galanti
Eliza Woodfin

Saturday, June 22
Rory Sirpis
Marinel Wright

Sunday, June 23
Barrett Haynes
John Kay
Rob Louthan
Mark Romer
Kasey Sutton

Monday, June 24
Barbara Ellington
Melany Holloway
Brody Parker
Christopher Pryor
Adam Reynolds

Tuesday, June 25
George Davis
Mary Eason
Anton Van Thoen

Wed., June 26
Debbie Bartol
Aaron Baez
Amanda Galanti
Miles Harris
Madison McClintic

Thursday, June 27
Andrew Mauck

Friday, June 28
Marshall Campbell
Margaret Clark
Doug Crosby
Katharine Hager
Tom Holloway
Becky Jessee
Charlie Luck

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