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Easter Sunday: April 21, 2019

7:30 am “Sunrise” Service - Lower Level
8:45 & 11:00 am Worship - Sanctuary

Lost and Found: Living” - Rev. Amy Starr Redwine

Psalm 118:1-2, 14-24 & Luke 24:1-12



Week of April 19, 2019

Living among the Dead

Photo by Christophe Petit Tesson

This week, watching Notre Dame burn, I was struck by how much we long for certainty. We want at least some things in our lives to be predictable and permanent — and we want to know that some things will endure long after we are gone. The collective shock and grief expressed by the Parisian crowds and by people all over the world give us some insight into how the disciples felt when their beloved teacher was arrested, put on trial, and then executed by the state. Less than twenty-four hours after their last meal together, he breathed his last, and with his last breath went the disciples' hopes and dreams for the future, for, just as Notre Dame and other iconic buildings are more than just brick and mortar, Jesus had been more than a teacher, he represented a whole new way to conceive of God. What could it mean that God would suffer and die?

When the women arrived at Jesus’ tomb the first Easter morning, they are greeted with the words, “Why do you seek the living among the dead?” Despite the fact that Jesus told his disciples again and again that he would die and, on the third day, be raised, they could not understand why his body was gone. Truth be told, we struggle to understand it as well. We are more likely to expect the dead to stay dead, and we are quick to write off what seems to have failed. Indeed, what would be the point of seeking the living among the dead?

May the hope that there is indeed more to life and death than we can easily grasp propel you to worship this Sunday, as we marvel again at the promise of the resurrection, and allow for the possibility that God can bring new life even from death, even for us. Join us at 7:30 in the Rec Room for a “sunrise” service of scripture, prayer, and song, and at 8:45 or 11 am in the Sanctuary for a traditional service. If you are able, please consider parking in the lower lot (by the playground) to allow visitors and those with accessibility issues to park near the entrance. 

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Prayer List

Please keep in your prayers:

Those with special concerns:

  • Lucy Davis

  • Reid Land

  • Ed Steiner

Those grieving:

  • Russ Ellison and family on the death of his father, Pat Ellison, on April 9.

Members and family serving in the military:

  • Edward Allen

  • Jenny Sigel Burkett

  • Matthew Horton

  • Mason Louthan

  • Nathan Thomas Meade

  • Connor Partlow

Please let us know if you have a joy or concern that we may lift up in prayer. Contact Mary Kay Collins, or any church staff. If you are in immediate need of pastoral care, please call the church office at 358-2383. During night and weekend hours, your call will be transferred to a pastor on call



Friday, April 12
Martha Grover
Jan Hamby
Olin Hyde
Karina Sweeney

Saturday, April 13
Robbie Burke
Wil Coor
Windsor DeMarcantonio
Sallie Philips
Ashley Tysinger 

Sunday, April 14
Nancy Bain
Deborah Michael
Sarah Roski
Annie Vosmik

Monday, April 15
Caroline Burford
Robin Foster
Rob Stephens, III
Vivian Stephens 

Tuesday, April 16
Alex Brackett
Ryan Felder
Jeff Modisett 

Wed., April 17
Arla Chase
Beth Isaacs
Tom Kasper
Liese Rohr
Suzanne Spivey

Thursday, April 18
Becky Dale
Courtney Drake
Lynn Slabaugh
Sharon Spencer
Cody Tafel
Tucker Ward
Parke Whitely 

Friday, April 19
Ann Randolph Adams
Jack Dyer
Cara Menges
Elaine Minor
Bill Overton
Van Ruffner
Joan Winkler

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