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This Sunday: Dec. 16, 2018

Third Sunday of Advent

8:45 am Open Door Worship - Lower Level
11:00 am Worship - Sanctuary

“What Should We Do?” - Rev. Carson Rhyne
Zephaniah 3:14-20 & Luke 3:7-18

4:00 pm Christmas Pageant - Sanctuary



Week of December 14, 2018

Good Advent III

I hope and trust your preparation for the birth of Christ is coming along well. I have enjoyed our Daily Advent Devotionals (received via email) about preparing for Christmas. They are brief, helpful, and enable me to focus each day. If you have not been reading them, please make sure to begin this daily discipline. Sign up here!

I invite you to review the two scripture passages for this Sunday. They are oil and water…joyous and discouraging…Christmassy and anti-Christmas. Take some time to read the passages: Zephaniah 3:14-20 and Luke 3:7-18. Make some comparisons between the two and join me to see how we can unpack them for a meaningful time in our preparation. Then answer my sermon title, “What Should We Do?”

Reminder: Christmas Pageant is this Sunday at 4:00pm in the Sanctuary with the children and youth retelling the Christmas Story. It is a poignant time as the next generations begin the journey many of us did when we were part of the Christmas Pageant in our childhood. Come and support our next generation.

Blessings to each of you in this Advent Season!

H. Carson Rhyne, Jr.


Prayer List

Please keep in your prayers:

Those with special concerns:

  • Dorothy Kuffler

  • Ken Magrath

  • Karla Mathews

  • Betty Stallard

Those grieving:

  • Woody Woodhouse on the death of his father, Robert Woodhouse, on December 6.

Members and family serving in the military:

  • Edward Allen

  • Jenny Sigel Burkett

  • Matthew Horton

  • Mason Louthan

  • Nathan Thomas Meade

Please let us know if you have a joy or concern that we may lift up in prayer. Contact Mary Kay Collins, or any of our pastors. If you are in immediate need of pastoral care, please call the church office at 358-2383. During night and weekend hours, your call will be transferred to a pastor on call.



Friday, Dec. 14
Patrick Aboud
Bill Gilley
Wyatt Townsend

Saturday, Dec. 15
Sydney Baril
Larry Burke
Cap Clark
Sillers Farrell
Betty Harlan
Kate Kerns
Jane Neer
Jane Pratt 

Sunday, December 16
Katie Aboud
Courtney Astley
Skip Ford
Marsha Williams

Monday, Dec. 17
Ella Perkins
Doug Westmoreland 

Tuesday, Dec. 18
Whitney Adams
Sarah Blackburn
Jane Matthews 

Wed., Dec. 19
James Caven
Jim Darden

Thursday, Dec. 20
Courtney Bender
Mary Hutter
Jessie Jennison
Chandler Land
Scottie Phillips
Jim Purser
Cameron Stockner 

Friday, Dec. 21
Graham Bundy
Nona Collin
Chandler Combs
Annie Hamner
Corell Moore
Maeve Morgan
Graham Snyder

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