Week of July 21, 2017

Who Is Your Neighbor?

12 Words of Hope for the World!”  That’s our summer sermon series.  This week the word is “neighbor,” and we’re not talking about the people who live next door to you!   We’ll look at an adult version of the parable of the Good Samaritan.  Hope you will join us for worship.

Catherine and I had a wonderful time in Linville and Brevard.  We renewed old friendships, relaxed, played a little golf (OK, maybe a lot!) and enjoyed the family.  Thanks for giving us this time to refuel.  I’m looking forward to plans for the fall.  It’ll be here before you know it!  Hope to see you Sunday. 


Prayer List

Please keep in your prayers:

Those with special concerns:

  • Dorothy Kuffler
  • Joan Winkler

Those rejoicing:

  • Ann and Chapman Revercomb on the birth of their son, Randolph Chapman "RC" Revercomb, on May 23.

Those grieving:

  • The friends and family of Rev. W. Newton Todd; Rev. Todd died on July 14.

Prayers for Our World:

We pray for civility in our public conversations, respect for those with whom we differ, refugees around the world; for missionaries who serve Christ throughout the world to bring hope, learning, medical care and the Gospel. We pray for members and family serving in the military: Jenny Sigel Burkett, Matthew Horton, and Nathan Thomas Meade.

Please let us know if you have a joy or concern that we may lift up in prayer. Contact Mary Kay Collins, or any of our pastors. If you are in immediate need of pastoral care,  please call the church office at 358-2383. During night and weekend hours, your call will be transferred to a pastor on call.