Lenten Study 2018

Learn to engage and wrestle with life’s uncertainties this Lenten season


We will use Embracing the Uncertain: A Lenten Study for Uncertain Times by Magrey deVega this Lent for church-wide small groups. 

Embracing the Uncertain invites readers this Lent to engage and wrestle with life’s uncertainties, not ignore them. The first six chapters focus on six post-Transfiguration, pre-Passion stories in the Gospels. Each of these stories are signposts in the gospel narrative, pointing down at a world filled with uncertainty, but pointing us forward to a cross that can show us how to follow Jesus with courage, hope, and obedience.

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Lenten Dinner Gathering & Conversations on Race
Format: Dinner, Discussion, (occasionally video clips) and Prayer
Time: Sundays from 6-8 beginning Sunday, February 18th
Location of First Dinner— Martha and Randy Rollins' home, 4304 Monument Park

Please RSVP for dinner:  martha@livingintheand.com or 804-334-6608

Lent is an invitation for us to engage in life’s uncertainties, not ignore them. In response to the August 2017 PC(USA) letter on racism and white supremacy, we will be exploring our certitudes about race and listening for God’s call to new understandings. In the safe space of a small group of friends seeking to be disciples of Jesus, we will venture into uncertain and important conversations on a topic about which the church has been too long silent.

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