Through October 6, 2019

Home is more than just a place for us; it is an idea that evokes strong and complex emotions. Home can be something we associate with belonging, love, family, and comfort, but home can also bring to mind a place of isolation, misunderstanding, conflict, and sorrow.

In the Bible, we discover that many of the characters central to the story of God and God’s people are called away from the place they call home in order to discover a new kind of home with God. Abram and Sarai, Job, David, Mary and Joseph, Jesus, and the apostle Paul all wrestled with the idea of home as they sought to respond to God’s claim on their lives.

How does God call us to reconsider our understanding of home as it applies to us as individuals and families, and as a church? What does it mean for us to find our true home with God rather than in a perfectly built or decorated house with a happy and healthy family? How does the concept of home apply to God? What does it mean that the Creator of Heaven and Earth made a home among us in the person of Jesus?

Photos from Homecoming Sunday, September 8.