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  • Property: Jack Woodfin (jack at woodfinoil dot com)

  • Personnel: Bruce Tyler (btyler at baskervill dot com)

  • Archives / History: Bev Davis (beverleydavis at verizon dot net)

  • Stewardship: Bruce Arnett (bruce.arnett at wellsfargo dot com)

  • Congregational Nominating Committee: Kim Lewis (kpchlewis at comcast dot net)

  • Endowment Team: Jay Johnston (jay.johnston at troutmansanders dot com)

Children's Ministries

  • Children's Ministry: Kim Lewis (kpchlewis at comcast dot net)

  • Sunday School Teachers and Assistants: Mary Park (mpark at fpcrichmond dot org)

  • Summer Bible School & Camps: Mary Park (mpark at fpcrichmond dot org)

  • Preschool: Becky Mauck (bmauck at fpcrichmond dot org)


  • Sanctuary Worship Team: Heather Cooper (heatherlynnsmith at yahoo dot com)

  • Open Door Worship Team: Kim Wright (kimwright717 at gmail dot com)

  • Choirs: Suzanne Riehl (sriehl at fpcrichmond dot org)

  • Flower Delivery (after church, to homebound): Mauna Mullins (NewNetEd at aol dot com)

  • Advent & Lenten Flower Arranging: Linda Lacy (lacy.lacy at verizon dot net)

  • Christmas Greenery: Cynthia Haw (clh2jsh at gmail dot com)

  • Communion Preparation: Missy Ryan (missy.ryan at verizon dot net)

  • Ushers Team: Charlie Vaughters (charlievaughters at gmail dot com)

Youth Ministries

  • Youth Ministry: Wilson Kennedy (wkennedy at fpcrichmond dot org)

  • Youth Ministry Committee: Susan Sokolsky (scsokolsky at gmail dot com)

Adult Ministries

  • Adult Ministries Committee: Stephen Kuffler (sjkuffler at verizon dot net)

  • Young Adult Ministries: Mary Park (mpark at fpcrichmond dot org)

  • Presbyterian Women & Women's Circles: Melissa Mintz (melissamintz93 at gmail dot com)

  • PW Needlework Group: Karen Sigel (sigels at comcast dot net)

  • Men's Fellowship Group: Ray Ryan (14rayryan at gmail dot com)

New Member Development

  • New Member Development Team: Emily Tafel (emilytafel at gmail dot com)

  • Welcome Center: Courtney Astley (aaca78 at verizon dot net)

  • Discover First Team: Elizabeth Darling (elizabeth.darling at richmond dot edu)

  • FPC 101 Team: Laura Bland (lbland at bbprintnet dot com)


  • Community Grant-Making Team: Missy Ryan (Missy.ryan at verizon dot net)

  • RISC Justice Ministry Team: Peggy Wright (peggy at nationalbridal dot com)

  • Bus Ministry: Lisa Clarke (lclarke at fpcrichmond dot org)

  • CARITAS Ministry Team: Drake Watson (jdwatson123 at gmail dot com)

  • Nicaragua Scholarships: Mert Fowlkes (fmfowlkes at aol dot com)

  • Clean Water Ministry Team: Steve Sigel (SteveSigel at comcast dot net)

  • George Mason Elementary School Community Support Team: Carolyn Cockrell (cscockrell at aol dot com)

  • Extended Table Communion: Rendall Harris (rendy22 at hotmail dot com)

  • Care & Concern Ministry Team: Bev Davis (beverleydavis at verizon dot net)

  • Compassionate Care / Pastoral Care: Mary Kay Collins (mkcollins at fpcrichmond dot org)

  • Christmas Family Adoptions: Connie Gottwald (cigottwald at mac dot com)

  • Christmas Giving Tree: Melissa Mintz (melissamintz93 at gmail dot com)

  • KAIROS Prison Ministry: Ingrid Addison (iaddison at fpcrichmond dot org)