The First Fund - Introduction


At First Presbyterian Church (FPC) Richmond, our mission is to inspire people to faith in Jesus Christ, nurture disciples of Christ, and serve the world God loves to the glory of God. For over two hundred years, in six different locations, FPC has been a vibrant Christian community living into our vision to follow Jesus Christ, respect one another, and be welcoming to all. We are strengthened and inspired through worship, study, prayer, and service. In so doing, we seek to improve the lives of future generations by supporting families through the milestones of birth, baptism, confirmation, marriage, retirement, and death, and by seeking to improve the lives of our neighbors in Richmond and beyond through meaningful engagement with our brothers and sisters in need. During the past two centuries, FPC has deepened its impact on individuals and the community, seeking to offer the unique grace, love, and fellowship of God we have learned in the story of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

We are committed to continuing this sacred work well into the future and to making sure this church is here for future generations of Christ’s disciples in the same way it has been here to comfort, challenge, convict, and inspire so many generations past. Join us in ensuring that the legacy of this congregation continues well into God’s future by becoming a contributor to The First Fund.


FPC Richmond