Care Ministries

Learn about our new Compassion and Flower Ministries too!

Here at FPC we seek to fulfill the call of Christ to love one another as he has loved us. Our pastors make visits to hospitals and nursing homes, and meet with people who find themselves in need of individual pastoral care. We also have members and teams who have received training to help support others in times of crisis or spiritual struggle. Our support for each other also includes times of joy, like a wedding celebration, the birth of a child, or a baptism.

Through our network of relationships we call, visit, and write as we seek to show God's love to each other and to the stranger who may come into our fellowship.

Our elders and deacons also serve communion to some of our members who can't get to church. If you would like to receive communion at home, please contact Mary Kay Collins or Lisa Clarke at 358-2383.

The Care and Concern Ministry Team supports the ministerial staff in caring for church members who are ill, homebound, or have experienced a death in the family. A list of these individuals is made available by the staff on a regular basis to the chairman of the C&C Team.

If you would like more information or need pastoral care, please contact Mary Kay Collins, Associate Pastor for Pastoral Care.

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Members Caring For Members

Our FPC Diaconate Compassion Ministry Teams respond to the congregation by showing Christ's love, grace, mercy, and compassion to those in need. Team members provide fellowship and care to many members; however, they can't reach everyone. They welcome all of us to visit with members who are ill or needing a little extra care, and take a gift to them from FPC.

What can I take to a member?

  • Chicken and rice casserole - made by PW Circle members
  • Ham and potato casserole - made by Brownie Troop 529
    • Casseroles are in the main kitchen freezer. Take one and write your name and person who is receiving the casserole on the sign out sheet on the freezer door.
  • Prayer square, baby hat, & lap robe - made by PW Needlework Group
  • Care Bear - made by FPC children
  • Jar Opener - made by FPC member Causey Davis

These items are in the closet in the Church Library. Open the closet door and turn left where needlework and bears are located on the left on shelves and in bins. The openers are on the counter. Take what you need and write your name, the item you are taking, and the person who is receiving it on the appropriate sign out sheet on the wall.

Thank you for your care of our members! If you have any questions, please contact Elizabeth Saunders. Learn more here about our Compassion Ministry Teams, or contact Rev. Mary Kay Collins.

Are You Called to Pray?

Are you feeling called to pray for our church, staff, congregation, special concerns, and more? You are invited to join the FPC Prayer Team. We pray daily and gather weekly to pray together for the blessings and needs of our congregation.

What: FPC Prayer Team - Weekly Prayer Gathering
When: Every Wednesday at 1:00pm
Where: Room off of the sanctuary (the old session room) is open for prayer. 
We invite you to gather weekly, enter in silence, and to hold all that is shared in confidence

Members include Sally Brown, Lisa Clarke, Mary Anne Collins-Stauffer, Mary Kay Collins, Mary Hixon, Tom Holloway, Dorothy Kuffler, Peggy Larus and Emily Tafel. For more information, please contact Rev. Mary Anne Collins-Stauffer or Deacon Peggy Larus.