Amid the busyness of our lives, we all want to be blessed. We want peace, happiness and a bright future. Jesus wants to bless us with a joy that sustains us through turmoil and contentment. Each week we will focus on a single Bible story and the Beatitude that is the week's focus. Dr. Steve Eason’s sermons will follow our weekly study.


A church-wide study, The Way of Blessedness: A Study of Jesus’ Beatitudes. A biblical story will illustrate each beatitude and weekly sermons will follow the study.

WHEN: Small groups begin the week of February 12 and last 8 weeks. If you would like to participate on your own, using the lessons, please contact Leigh Perry and she will email them to you.

In Anticipation

It's hard to believe, but we are close to Lent and Easter!  (didn't we just do Christmas Eve?) We have an excellent study and sermon series coming soon for Lent focusing on Jesus' Beatitudes. (Please register ASAP!)

Everybody want to be blessed by God. We want peace and happiness, well-being and a bright future. Jesus talks about a different kind of blessing. Those who mourn are blessed. Those who are persecuted are blessed. Those who are poor are blessed.  What does all that mean for us and for our neighbors? 

I will begin a sermon series on the Beatitudes starting February 12 and running through April 2. The series and the small-group study will follow the same topics each week, which should give us all a more enhanced and vibrant season of Lent.

You have an opportunity to be in a small-group Bible study during Lent.  Small groups give us time to get to know each other, to share our thoughts, to pray together and support one another. We will study the Beatitudes in these groups, exploring how we receive God's favor and how we bless others.   

Thank you for joining us on this Lenten journey, as we move to the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and what that means for our modern world. 

With much anticipation,

Steve Eason
Interim Pastor