Welcoming Amy


We are excited that Amy has arrived in Richmond to begin her ministry at FPC! We look forward to welcoming her and all the Starr Redwine family (who will be moving here soon) with a warm FPC welcome. Please continue to pray for her as she and her family are in a season of great transition. Here are some suggestions for making her feel welcomed:

  • Think about expectations. What are the roles for a pastor at FPC? What are your expectations? How can we be ready and welcoming for this new relationship? For some thoughts about this, listen to Carson's recent Liminal Space: Expectations sermon.

  • Attend a welcoming reception in the Fellowship Hall this Sunday, February 10, immediately following the 11am worship service.

  • Wear your name tag when at church. Amy will have a lot of new faces and names to learn, so wearing your name tag will be a great help. Need a name tag? Click here.

  • Update your info in the church directory. Make sure we have your basic contact information and a current photo of you or your family. This will be appreciated by our new church family! How to do? Go to MyFPC. An update is easy to do...see instructions. Or, if you haven't visited before, see 'New Users.' Upon completion, you can then download the Church Life app to your phone for easy 24/7 access to secure, basic member contact info.

  • Attend worship and other church activities regularly. Make a commitment to welcome Amy with your presence.

Our pastor is packing and on the way!

Watch for news from the Congregational Life Committee about small group fellowship opportunities to get to know Amy...starting in mid-March!

FPC Richmond