Transition: One-Year Report

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On April 1, 2016, my term began as Interim Pastor. An initial interim report was provided on May 25, 2016. The first task was to listen to leadership, which led to the formation of five Task Forces: Membership, Organization & Governance, Staff Model, Stewardship, and Worship. These groups, which included representatives from the respective committees, made recommendations to the Session by Thanksgiving 2016. Session approved all recommendations.

In January 2017 we began to implement the approved recommendations. This has been a team effort. The following has been accomplished:


  1. Established the approved recommendations of the five Task Forces.

  2. Reduced four worship services to two.

  3. Formed two Worship Teams: Sanctuary and Open Door.

    Recruited and trained teams. Created an Usher’s Team.

  4. Established a Strategic Development Team to cultivate financial


  5. Restructured all committee/teams. Developed a new organizational chart and revised the process of assigning officers.

  6. Expanded the Personnel Committee; revised Employee's Manual, upgraded policies.

  7. Established a Membership Team to contact all members, update database, and express concern and support.

  8. Provided full transparency to the members on the financial information of the church.

  9. Navigated the transition of the Rev. Chris Mooney’s leaving. Provided support for the Youth Ministry and hired Wilson Kennedy as the part-time Interim Youth Director.

  10. Supported, upon request, the Pastor Nominating Committee.

  11. Restructured the Annual Congregational Meeting.

  12. Revised the timetable for the Congregational Nominating

    Committee. Updated policies and procedures.

  13. Changed the structure of the Finance Committee and the budget

    request timetable.

  14. Revised all Administrative Assistants' job descriptions.

  15. Updated Nominations Policies and Procedures.

  16. Conducted a comparison to "Seven Sister Churches."

  17. Revitalized staff, session and deacon meetings.

  18. Redesigned Diaconate with focus on compassion ministry.

  19. Created a new annual review system for staff.

  20. Added a bus ministry for our senior adults.

  21. Conducted a successful Stewardship Campaign to underwrite

    2017 ministry with a 12% increase in pledges for a total of

    $141,000 revenue increase.

  22. Celebrated an increase in worship attendance. Average

    attendance in 2015=300, 2016=342, 2017=355 (Jan-Mar).

  23. Received 41 new members. (From April 1, 2016-March 31, 2017)

  24. Created a new Communications Team.

  25. Added summer Lemonade on the Lawn and monthly “Hallway

    Hospitality” Sundays.

  26. Established the College of Elders.

  27. Entered the transition of the Rev. Rosalind Banbury’s leaving.

  28. Formed a Task Force to study and recommend upgrades to the

    Nursery and Child Care policies, procedures, facilities and staff.

  29. Started online videos of Sunday sermons.

  30. Nurtured and supported the many areas of ministry that are

    doing well; i.e. music, Presbyterian Women, small groups, etc.


So much has been accomplished by so many of the leaders and members of the congregation. They are to be commended. Well done!

The next phase of the transition needs to focus on continuing to implement, develop, support, and adjust the various changes that have been made. We need to "water in” the changes and allow some roots to grow and develop. This will help to stabilize the church for a new era of leadership.

Ongoing work in the future needs to be the areas of mission and outreach, adult and children’s ministries and touching base with all members.

Personal note

Thank you! Thank you for receiving Catherine and me with such open arms. Thank you to the Session for your leadership and support. Thanks to the staff and to all of you who have rolled up your sleeves and gotten involved. It could not be done without you. Your attendance and financial support make a difference. You have stepped up to the plate!

The Pastor Nominating Committee meets every Tuesday! What commitment! They are hard at work and are so faithful in their search. Please keep them in your prayers and encourage them as they serve you.

As we move ahead, I am extremely hopeful about the future of FPC. This has been an incredible experience for me and you have much to celebrate.



Steve Eason, Interim Pastor

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