An Announcement from Suzanne Riehl


Dear Congregation of FPC,

By the blessing of God, I have had the distinct privilege of sharing the last twenty-three years of my life with you — praising the Lord through music and prayer. For this, I am deeply grateful!

In recent years, however, I have been searching for God’s guidance regarding my future and my service as Minister of Music here at FPC. My answer to prayer has come in the form of a job opportunity in a new business outside of music and church work. This position will challenge me in new and exciting ways, giving me the freedom to work from anywhere which will provide me more time to spend with my family. After much prayer, I have decided to retire from this ministry effective December 31, 2019.

First Presbyterian Church and this amazing choir family have profoundly enriched my life and the lives of my family, sustaining us through good and difficult times alike. This community has supported me more lovingly and wholly than any other, which makes this decision all the more bittersweet.

My decision to transition out of church work was made all the more difficult by the arrival of Amy Starr Redwine. I leave FPC with the firm confidence that she is the right choice for our church family and that she will thrive as a beacon of God’s light. In a short time, I have learned much from her patience, tenacity, energy and compassion.

As I go, I will take with me many wonderful years’ worth of praising God, enjoying fellowship and playing pranks! Your future Minister of Music will be blessed to work with such a dedicated leader, talented staff and loving congregation.

Thank you for the opportunity I have had to serve you.

With deepest gratitude,


Suzanne Riehl

A Message from Amy Starr Redwine, Pastor

Dear Members and Friends of FPC,

I know you join me in expressing sincere gratitude to Suzanne for her extraordinary twenty-three years of ministry at FPC, and in feeling a deep sense of loss that she has just a few more months with us. At the session meeting last night, elders heard from the Personnel Committee regarding next steps; we have both short-term and long-term plans in place for the process of navigating Suzanne’s departure. We trust God to guide us in our goal of ensuring the vitality of the amazing sacred music program Suzanne has been instrumental in building. We look forward to sharing those plans with you as they unfold over the next few weeks, and to celebrating and thanking Suzanne in her remaining time as Minister of Music.

With gratitude and in faith,

FPC Richmond