Learn to Use Your Spiritual Gifts


Use your gifts and experiences to help our neighbors in Richmond overcome barriers to sustainable employment

Tuesday March 26, 6-7:15 pm Fellowship Hall

Join Re:work Richmond to learn how to share your spiritual gifts with people in our city moving from "crisis to thriving." Contact Ingrid Addison, FPC Director of Mission and Outreach, with any questions.

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About RE:work Richmond
East End Employment Assistance Program

This Employment Assistance Program is a public/private partnership, a collaborative effort among the following organizations: St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, the Office of Community Wealth Building/Center for Workforce Innovation (OCWB/CWI), and Challenge Discovery Projects. This collaboration allows our program to exceed the limitations of other employment assistance programs, providing more personal and specialized attention to each participant’s situation, along with a compassionate, individualized touch in the work of advocacy and encouragement. 

RE:work employs the ministry’s staff. The Office of Community Wealth Building provides expertise in hiring, training, and ongoing support for staff. Oversight is provided by a Board of Directors, including representatives from St. Peter’s Church and St. Stephen’s Church. 

Volunteers from participating churches enable this Employment Assistance Program to go the extra mile with program participants. Under the guidance of our professional staff, church volunteers pick up where other employment programs typically must stop, providing detailed attention to resume writing and interview skills, individualized coaching and encouragement regarding “soft skills.” Our goal is to provide the moral support, professional guidance, and tangible help we all need in order to reach optimal employment.

By engaging deeply with our clients, we hope to join with them in overcoming barriers to employment and then continue in relationship with them, as they move to “thriving” on the “crisis to thriving” continuum. Our goal is to enlist area congregations as supporters, and our branching out from our core program of employment assistance to other services (such as housing, transportation, childcare, etc.) will be guided by what we learn from our engagement with clients. Program development, in other words, will be guided by our daily work with real people navigating real life situations.

RE:work is committed to making maximum use of existing services and agencies throughout the city of Richmond, in order to avoid duplicating services. Our commitment is to fill in gaps we find in services and to go beyond what other agencies are able to offer, when it is in our power to do so, in the interest of those whom we are serving. Our ministry is one of companioningempoweringadvocating, and consciousness raising.  While we offer tangible help to those in need, we also seek to empower the people whom we are companioning, to advocate for them, and to encourage them along the way to full thriving. And through our engagement with our clients and neighbors, we seek to raise consciousness in our community about the barriers people face in moving from crisis to thriving.

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