Congregational Meeting Called


The Session of First Presbyterian Church has called a Congregational Meeting for Sunday, January 6, 2019, at 11am in the sanctuary. During this meeting (at the beginning of worship), the FPC Pastor Nominating Committee will give a report to extend a call to a new Pastor/Head of Staff.

Members please plan to attend!

Steve Sigel
Clerk of Session

Rev. H. Carson Rhyne, Jr.
Moderator of Session

January 6, 2019, will be a very important day in the life of First Church: a congregational meeting to hear from the Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) with a recommendation of a new pastor for the church. Some details for that day follow.

We will have worship at 8:45 and 11:00 that morning. At the beginning of 11am worship, we will begin our congregational meeting to hear the report of the PNC. We will be asked to vote by written ballot for the new pastor as well as the terms of call (i.e., salary, housing, benefits).

Following those votes, we will continue our worship while the votes are being counted. It will be an abbreviated worship service. At the end of worship, we will announce the results of the votes as well as take a couple of procedure votes. We will announce the congregation’s desire to call a new pastor.

January 6, 2019, is also Epiphany Sunday and the end of the Christmas Season. How fitting as we look forward to our new life in Christ after Christmas and also look forward to new leadership for the church. You will want to be present. Voting requires one being present to cast your vote as proxy votes are not permitted.

The Congregational Meeting will be part of the worship service at 11am. (NOTE: Open Door worship at 8:45am will be in the lower level). Our agenda will be:

  • Call to Order and Opening Prayer (Moderator)

  • Establishment of Quorum and Secretary in place (Clerk)

  • Business: To hear the final report of the Pastor Nominating Committee

  • Meeting procedures outlined

  • Pastor Nominating Committee Report, with discussion

  • Voting by written ballot

  • Congregational Meeting in recess, as worship continues

At the end of our worship, we will finish the Congregational Meeting with the following:

  • Announcement of the vote for pastor and for the terms of call

  • Motion to dissolve the PNC with thanks and appreciation by the congregation

  • Motion to elect four persons to sign the Pastoral Call Form

During the meeting, the PNC will distribute a brochure introducing the pastoral candidate for your consideration. Everyone is asked not to share any information about the Congregational Meeting before 1:00 pm on Sunday in order to allow the candidate an opportunity to notify his/her session and congregation. In our day and time of social media, word travels very fast, and so we are asking everyone to honor this request.

Sunday will be a great time for the church. Staff members will learn of the new pastor for the first time as well as members of the congregation. Only nine people, members of the PNC, know about the person being introduced to our congregation. So, come for a new day for FPC!


H. Carson Rhyne, Jr.
Temporary Head of Staff

FPC Richmond