Advent Reflection: Inbreaking


Each week of Advent we offer a reflection on "What Advent Means to Me." This week: Wilson Kennedy, Youth Director

Every year it seems that Advent hits me like a brick wall. Throughout the year my days are filled with rushing around from event to event, meeting to meeting, at a nonstop pace which causes me to be worn down and just plain tired by the end of November and early December.

Without fail, Advent breaks into my life at the perfect time because it wakes me up from my slumber of self-fulfilling routine and attunes me once again to the mystery of the inbreaking of God-come-here, Immanuel, and invites me to wait in wonder as we prepare the way for our coming Messiah.

Advent calms my heart and my mind because indeed, even in the midst of all our communal chaos, God renews our lives day after day with peace, the peace that passes all understanding that we know in Jesus Christ the little babe who came by here to show us a different way of peace, hope, and love.

To me, Advent is a different peace that helps us calibrate our hearts and minds to the work Christ calls us to so that we might, even in the midst of our crazy busy lives, be Christ’s hands and feet in faithful mighty ways.

FPC Richmond