The Faison Center - Loose Offering April 7


First Sunday Loose Offering on April 7th will benefit The Faison Center.

At the Faison Center, the mission is clear - to give children and adults with autism and related challenges the best opportunity to improve their life’s journey through evidence-based practice. Our mission across the lifespan is accomplished through specific programs designed to meet the needs of families at different points in their lives: the Faison School, the Faison Behavioral Health Clinic, and Faison Adult Services.

Your generosity will make an immediate impact:

  • $25 to cover small toys to reinforce behavior for one student

  • $50 to cover a picture communication book for one non-verbal student

  • $100 to cover the cost of fuel for community experiences for 24 students

  • $250 to cover an extra durable desk and chair for one student

  • $500 to cover the cost of a fully equipped iPad for one student

Thank you, FPC, for your continued generosity and year-round stewardship. If you would like more information on The Faison Center, please visit their website at

FPC Richmond