July 2019 First Sunday Loose Offering


Last week we raised $660.00 for the Children's Home Society of Va through our First Sunday Loose Offering program. This donation will make a direct impact on the children of VA hoping to find their forever families. Please know that all of this is possible because you were here last week. Some of the things our donation can do:

  • $20 - Book or DVD for our Resource Lending Library, offering important parenting and adoption-related information for CHS adoptive families and children.

  • $50 - Activity for a foster child to meet a prospective adoptive family for the first time – like a casual dinner or bowling.

  • $75 - One hour of professional, unbiased pregnancy counseling to birth parents in crisis – offered 24/7 at no charge to them.

  • $100 - Kid’s Club activity for CHS adoptive children to meet and hang out with others “just like them."

  • $200 - Parenting skills training session for prospective adoptive families, on topics such as dealing with trauma, managing Add and Adhd, and parenting a sexually abused child.

  • $500 - Training one family to provide temporary foster care for at-risk infants.

    Thank you, FPC, for your year-round stewardship and continued care of our community.

Here at FPC, on the first Sunday of each month we dedicate our “Loose Offerings” (monies collected in the offering plate each Sunday, but not designated towards the fulfillment of a pledge) to a specific community mission partner. It’s a wonderful way to include all family members, regardless of age, in the giving process.

Our July Loose Offering will be dedicated to the Children’s Home Society of Virginia (CHS), whose mission is to find permanent adoptive homes for children of all ages throughout the commonwealth, and to provide critical support services to birth families, adoptive families, and past and present adoptees. Their full spectrum of programs and services includes working with the departments of Social Services to find permanent homes for the over 700 children in Virginia available for adoption right now, and impactful ongoing post-adoptive counseling to maintain successful families after adoptions have been finalized.

CHS is a full-service, private, nonprofit 501(c)(3), non-sectarian licensed child-placing agency, and one of Virginia’s oldest adoption agencies. Since the charter by the Virginia General Assembly in 1900, CHS has been guided by the fundamental belief that every child deserves a home. To date, CHS has successfully facilitated placement of more than 13,500 children into safe and permanent homes – that’s enough to fill every seat at The Diamond, and still leave several hundred people standing in the aisles!

To learn more, please visit their website, chsva.org

Thank you, FPC, for your continued year-round stewardship of our community!

FPC Richmond