Living Your Faith: Blair Chewning & Susan Mountcastle

This feature highlights members who are living their faith through FPC ministries and around the world.

Our church family enjoys gathering together to worship, serve, study, learn, eat, and laugh. There are also the tough times…times of grief, and sometimes this grief can turn to disbelief, isolation, and despair.

FPC Compassion Ministries has long recognized and cared for members with hope and healing, and recently a Bereavement Team was formed formed under our Diaconate. The team members have been trained to support those experiencing grief, offering a place to share difficulties and sort out decisions. We are grateful to members Blair Chewning and Susan Mountcastle, two members of the team, who will be facilitating our first six-week Grief Support Group starting Sunday, October 21.

Why are Blair and Susan called to this ministry?

Both have caring hearts and are good listeners, but they also have their own experiences with grief.

When asked to tell a bit about how they experienced grief, they shared.

  • They remember the intense feelings of initial grief and how their worlds were turned upside down.

  • They experienced the care of others when they were hurting and feeling adrift.

  • They understand the loss of someone is not only the loss of that person, but also that connection to the past.

  • They are learning that people grieve differently and that while the loss in their lives doesn't just go away, there are ways to learn to cope.

  • And they continue to experience the care and understanding of others.

You might be thinking "What is a grief support group?"

This is a place to share feelings, to discover tools to help you cope, and a chance to get better acquainted with our grief. The atmosphere of trust and openness helps alleviate feelings of isolation.

If you or someone you know might benefit from being a part of this group, learn more at FPC Grief Support Group.

If curious, Blair and Susan welcome you to attend the first session and see if this might be what you are needing at this experience the support of others who are on this path at this time.

FPC Grief Support Team: Sally Brown, Blair Chewning, Mary Kay Collins, Nancy Dawe, Susan Mountcastle, Stephanie Purser, Ray Ryan, Susan Sokolsky, and Bart Zekert.

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