The Barnabas Center


Jan. 6 First Sunday Loose Offerings Program

The first Sunday of every month FPC commits our loose offering to a local organization. This month the offering will benefit The Barnabas Center - Richmond, a non-profit, non-denominational, Christ-centered counseling, training and teaching ministry that began in 1989 in Charlotte, NC. It is a ministry that depends on the generosity of donors in order to scholarship the many people who are unable to pay full price for counseling and groups. Our donation will directly support scholarships for the Richmond location. The Barnabas Center ministries are:

  • Counseling: Through individual and couple counseling sessions, counselors walk alongside people in the midst of their most intimate struggles. Witnessing God using brokenness and heartache to move people toward redemption is one of their greatest privileges.

  • Training: Training equips staff and lay leaders to go deeper into the understanding of dignity, depravity, and dependence on Christ. Barnabas Training is comprised of three levels taking the participant from biblical understanding of ourselves to peer-supervised caregiving scenarios. 

  • Teaching: The Barnabas Center desires to work alongside churches and organizations in their ministries. Through classes, seminars, conferences and retreats, members can learn how to have a more authentic relationship with God and more meaningful relationships with other people.

Thank you for your continued generosity and year-round stewardship. For a list of the organizations funded by the FPC Loose Change Offerings Program, go to the Giving page.

FPC Richmond