Greater Richmond ARC


Nov. 4 First Sunday Loose Offerings Program

This Sunday's Loose Offerings donations will benefit the Greater Richmond ARC, whose mission is to help individuals with disabilities reach their full potential through compassionate services and acquiring full-time employment.

ARC was created in 1954 by area families who were determined to find a better way of caring for their loved ones with disabilities. They provide a variety of innovative services and programs designed to meet the needs of its clients and their families. Their services span the life cycle and assist people with disabilities to live happy, successful and meaningful lives.


Whether newborn babies, teens, adults or seniors -- ARC works hard to understand their needs, desires, dreams and goals. On a case-by-case basis, they find ways to provide these individuals and their families with comprehensive services that work best for them.  

Richmond ARC operates in multiple locations so families can receive the best care wherever they live. Recently, ARC stepped in to offer adult day support to people with disabilities who were formerly served by A Grace Place Adult Care Center.

Your generosity on Sunday will make an immediate impact.

  • $30 provides groceries for one meal preparation training class.

  • $50 provides one hour of interpreter services for a family (that does not speak English) using our pediatric therapy services.

  • $150 supports one art class with an Art on Wheels instructor.

  • $400 supports two weeks of volunteering with Meals on Wheels.

Thank you, FPC, for your continued generosity and year-round stewardship!

FPC Richmond