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In June, the Session approved a new job description and title for the Rev. Mary Kay Collins. For the last ten years of her ministry here at FPC, Mary Kay’s title and role has focused on the pastoral care ministry of the congregation. Building on her pastoral relationships with the congregation’s members, Mary Kay’s ministry includes staffing the ministry of the deacons and leading the outreach to prospective and new members. 

Mary Kay’s new title of Associate Pastor for Congregational Life reflects the broader dimensions of her ministry at FPC, while retaining pastoral care to the members as a primary focus of her ministry. This is indicated in her new position description: “The Associate Pastor for Congregational Life leads the ministry of Pastoral Care, and encourages and facilitates ministries designed to equip and strengthen the congregation, building up our body to maturity in Jesus Christ as a loving, caring, learning, compassionate, and connected community. The Associate Pastor for Congregational Life serves as pastor and preacher, guiding and working alongside church staff and its members to grow in faith and understanding of ourselves and God.” 

A new emphasis in Mary Kay’s ministry will be building a deeper congregational life ministry at FPC. The position description puts it this way:  “Sitting next to each other for one hour on a Sunday morning plants seeds and can begin relationships, but on its own does not create community. The Pastor for Congregational Life takes this opportunity to the next level, nurturing and encouraging faith through worship and expanding faith through community-based opportunities. This position facilitates opportunities for church members to get to know one another, build relationships, and grow in their understanding of themselves and their relationship with one another.”

As the pastor for congregational life, Mary Kay will provide the staff support for a new Congregational Life Team, chaired by elder Trish Carter, that will plan and lead opportunities for members to become better acquainted with one another and deepen relationships within the FPC community of faith. Church-wide retreats, dinner gatherings, congregational fellowship events, and outings are some of the initial ideas the Congregational Life Team will develop. Would you like to be part of this new ministry? Contact Mary Kay!

About this “re-booting” of her ministry here at FPC, Mary Kay says, “As Pastor for Congregational Life, I will be looking for opportunities for the full congregation to come together in fellowship and growth. It will be about relationship building. It might include helping the Music Ministry offer church-wide fellowship, or organizing a church-wide retreat. There are lots of opportunities for us to support the congregation and its life together, to deepen relationships and to invite more of God’s children to be involved in our church.”

Read Mary Kay’s Thanks for Listening article to learn more about the context of her new title and role. The Position Description approved by Session is found here.

Dr. R. Charles Grant
Bridge Interim Pastor


FPC Richmond