Unrest in Haiti

Brief Update and Prayer
from Wilson Kennedy, FPC Youth Director

There has been severe unrest in Haiti this week after their president announced a steep tax hike on petroleum. This rate increase has caused Haitians to protest their government’s decision by creating road blocks, burning buildings, and unfortunately several lives have been lost.

Having been to Haiti seven times, I have seen first hand the precarious position our Haitians siblings live in. Their efforts to create a stable democracy have often been thwarted by corrupt governments and failed foreign intervention and, by no fault of their own, our Haitian siblings have attempted to live to their fullest potential while the cards have been stacked against them in innumerable ways.

Cindy Corell, our Presbyterian Church (USA) Mission Co-Worker in Haiti and a friend of this congregation, wrote this excerpt as she evacuated to the Dominican Republic: “So what do they need? They need protection at the voting booths so everyone who is eligible feels safe and secure marking their ballots, seeking fair and democratically chosen elections…What can you do? Read more. Learn more. Love Haiti. Pray for Haiti. Come back when Haiti is secure again – and this time, listen to the people of Haiti. Through all this violence and unrest, this is what they are crying for. Listen. Respect. And honor the people of this country. Love Haiti.”

A prayer: O God, we know that You weep when we weep. Because You have reconciled us to Yourself through Jesus Christ, help us this day reconcile our hearts as we engage in the work of leading ourselves and enabling others to lead.

You tell us time and time again that You will be our God and we will be your people, so we ask You to be God with the people of Haiti. Show them the grace that is so undeservedly given to all of us so they might know Your presence even in the midst of turmoil.

Give them the peace of mind to organize themselves for the work of life together in a more fair way. Send Your Holy Spirit to intercede on behalf of those who need You to move because it seems as if no one else is moving towards Your justice and peace.

In Christ’s name, Amen.

FPC Richmond