Compassionate Healthcare for People in Need


July's Loose Offerings donations will benefit CrossOver Healthcare Ministry, whose mission is to provide high-quality healthcare, promote wellness, and connect community talents and resources with people in need in the name of Jesus Christ.

Founded in 1983, CrossOver provides healthcare services to more than 6,500 individuals each year in the Richmond area. Their two clinics provide a full array of medical services, including primary care, dental, vision, HIV diagnosis and treatment, and specialty care. This team approach helps successfully care for patients, most who suffer from at least one chronic disease, and CrossOver serves as a medical home for their patients

How can your donation help? Listed below are the costs to provide specific services to a CrossOver patient. And learn more here about the patients who are served. Thank you for considering donating to this worthy ministry.

  • Nurse visit - $25
  • Counseling visit - $50
  • Eye exam - $75 
  • Primary care visit - $75
  • Dental exam - $100
  • Year supply of medication - $150
  • Year of specialized diabetes care - $200
  • Complete set of dentures - $500 
  • Complete prenatal care - $1000
FPC Richmond