Organ Renovation


Places you haven’t seen in our 1988 Andover Organ!

What fills our hearts and spirits during worship - in addition to prayer and the sermon? Hint: It is made possible, in part, by 2,500+ pipes...metal and wooden, all sizes and shapes!

Our pipe organ, built and installed by Andover Organ Company in 1998, is a treasure and appreciated by our congregation, especially with Suzanne’s talent and skills. However, every 10 years or so, organs do need major repairs. And currently about 1/3 of our organ isn’t working properly. Patrick J. Murphy & Associates, Organbuilders, will be doing the needed repairs starting on May 7.

What will be done? First, to get to all the parts, the pipes (which will stay at church) will be removed, then the pneumatic system (control system) will be repaired, a new memory level (increasing capacity from 8 to 125 levels) will be installed, and connections and controls will be replaced and adjusted.

In its absence, our music will continue during the summer worship schedule with the Open Door band and our wonderful choir, and the Bainway (Steinway) piano and harpsichords will support our music ministry.

The organ renovation should be completed by mid-August, and we plan to celebrate with another ‘Music Celebration Sunday’ in September!


FPC Richmond