Living Your Faith: Elizabeth Baril

Recognizing the gifts God has given you and realizing how best to use those gifts can be a daunting task…one that many of us continue to discern. However, one individual who has long felt God’s call to share her gifts is Elizabeth Baril, FPC member and soon-to-be graduate (on May 19!) of Union Presbyterian Seminary. The accompanying photo tells a lot about Elizabeth…she radiates the wonder of God’s presence everywhere in the world!

Elizabeth has been involved in the life of the church since she was a child. And in her teen years the youth ministry at FPC was a close group that supported each other, were interested in learning more about the Bible and their faith, and being involved within and outside the church. The youth intern at the time recognized her interest, commitment, and leadership potential, and she was encouraged to seek other ways to fulfill those interests. She had the opportunity to go on many mission trips...nearby, as well as to developing nations. By the end of high school, she realized that God’s grace, which is abundant and never ending, is meant to be shared! 

In college she majored in social work and continued her mission work at home and in Nicaragua. While sharing her ministry she realized she wasn't just called to share with those in another country, but also with her peers and others she met through outreach opportunities. She wanted to learn more, and that’s what led her to the 'next step.’ She enrolled at Union and has earned a Master of Divinity degree, where in addition to her courses, she worked as a youth ministry intern at Second Presbyterian Church. 

What’s next? Elizabeth will soon be in Severna Park, MD, serving as Director of Youth and their Families at Woods Memorial Presbyterian Church. It’s a vibrant church, and she looks forward to growing the opportunities for youth and families. She also feels passionate about creating a vibrant college ministry to support these youth through young adulthood. 

What a blessing for Elizabeth and for others that she has felt God’s call to help these families see God’s presence everywhere. We, her church family, are thankful for her and will keep her in our prayers. May we all experience this joy of sharing our God-given gifts.

FPC Richmond