Promise to our Youth

This Sunday let's remember the promise made during the baptisms of our youth. Our responsibility and opportunity as members has been to nurture our youth, to pray for them, and support them. Being a Christian takes a lot of practice and support from other Christians...starting with the church family. Our youth are looking forward to Youth and Confirmation Sunday, and the hope their church family will be there to support them!

In addition to our youth-led services, we receive our class of confirmands, a group of 8th graders that has incredible spirit and a commitment to joining the church. They have been nurtured by our staff, church members, and especially their mentors: Gay Hardy, Sandy Irby, Ray Ryan, Terrie Sears, Steve Sigel, Susan Sokolsky, and Charlie Vaughters.

2018 Confirmands: Andrew Beck, Walker Beck, Jones Brackett, Sheehan Bradshaw, Henry Bruns, Katie Burford, Georgia Cantrell, Davis Cauble, Aghavni Dalton, Hunter Fallen, Harry Hettrick, Rebecca Hidell, Ellie Holloway, Nealy McDowell, Bo Morano, Audrey Morgan, Caroline Porterfield, Christopher Pryor, Maggie Rohr, Sophie Shafer, Connor Simonton, Ryan Snook, Lucy Storey, John Woodfin

FPC Richmond