A Letter from the FPC Session

Dear FPC Family, 

By now you have learned that Steve Eason will be completing his time with us as our Interim Pastor on November 19th. We give thanks for Steve and Catherine and wish them well, and we celebrate their time with us. 

While much of the congregation had hoped Steve’s time with us would be longer, this departure is a reality we knew was inevitable. When we began the process of calling a new senior pastor in fall 2015, the congregation elected a Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC). As part of this process, an interim senior pastor was called, and we were blessed with Rev. Dr. Steve Eason. During his time here at First Presbyterian Church, Steve has challenged us to look at our past, reflect on who we are, and even more to envision our future. Each of us can identify a number of ways that Steve has helped us to thrive in the past 18 months.

Many of you are now asking: “What’s next?” The PNC is diligently working on our behalf, prayerfully discerning God’s direction as they select a candidate to be presented to the congregation for our approval. And whomever our next pastor will be is also out there awaiting God’s call. Not one of us can say when, but we can be assured that the Holy Spirit is overseeing all. 

Under the leadership of Mary Kay Collins and Esther Choi, along with the staff, Session, Diaconate, and the committees and ministry teams on which many of you serve, we remain energized and engaged in the worship and work of FPC. We have begun the process of calling a “Bridge Interim Pastor” to lead us as we continue through the transition to our next called senior pastor. Most importantly, we need your continued commitment to the vitality of our faith community, along with your steadfast prayers and patience.

Through our faith and searching of the Word, we know that God often provides in ways we don’t expect. Together, let us continue to trust that God’s plan is at work in our lives and the life of our church. 

Peace and Grace,
FPC Session 


FPC Richmond