A Letter from Steve Eason


Dear FPC Friends,

Catherine and I have loved our time with you and have made friends for life. I am accepting a position as Interim Pastor at Sequoyah Hills Presbyterian Church in Knoxville, Tennessee, beginning in January. We will take a holiday break in Brevard with our family before beginning this new work. My last Sunday at FPC will be November 19th.

You will have a "Bridge Interim" until your Pastor Nominating Committee completes its work in finding your new pastor. Personnel and the Session will work with Carson Rhyne and the presbytery in securing that interim. This is not uncommon.

You have excellent pastors in Mary Kay Collins and Esther Choi, as well as a dedicated staff. The Session is strong, as are the deacons. You have accomplished a great deal in my time with you. It has been extremely rewarding work. Your new pastor will be a fortunate person to receive this call.

Interims are not supposed to get attached to their congregations. I failed that test! You are a loving and capable congregation. Your history is rich with challenge, perseverance, vision and courage. Now is the time to build on that heritage. We will follow your progress with much interest and prayer. We will also miss you.

Thank you for being so receptive to us. Thank you for rolling up your sleeves and committing to the work that needed to be done. Thank you for your financial support of this ministry. Thank you for loving on the Easons in our brief stay with you.

We will be away several Sundays in October. We are going to Hawaii as a 40th Wedding Anniversary gift to ourselves! We’ll come back to wrap things up with great confidence that you are being left in wonderful hands.

Knoxville is a little over two hours from our home in Brevard. The church reminds me a lot of FPC. They need similar things you have needed. Please pray for us as we begin this next phase of our journey. We will always pray for you. Paul wrote to the Philippians, "I thank my God every time I remember you, constantly praying with joy in every one of my prayers for all of you…"(1:3-4) That will certainly be the case for us.!

Though my work is finished, our friendship will be for a lifetime. Catherine and I are so grateful that we were here with you. Thank you.

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Steve and Catherine Eason

FPC Richmond