Holy Week 2017

Please join us for these special worship services.

Maundy Thursday

April 13 - 7:00 pm in sanctuary

(No Good Friday service)

Easter Sunday

April 16 - 9 am & 11 am in the Sanctuary   (no Sunday School)
with special music from our choir, organ, brass and percussion 

"Siri, What is Easter?" 
Dr. Steve Eason
John 20:1-18 


We look forward to seeing all of you here this Sunday for the celebration of Easter! In a sense, every Sunday is Easter. Every Sunday the church proclaims the resurrection of our Lord in the face of death and suffering, sin, and evil. Every Sunday, the church proclaims the power of God's love to raise people from the dead. There are dead spirits, dead futures, dead relationships, dead hopes, and dead dreams. All of that can be wrapped in a shroud and put in a hole with a stone rolled over the door. It feels so final, so permanent, so dead.

Easter Sunday is actually every Sunday. God keeps raising us from dead hearts and minds. God keeps raising us out of death and separation. As Creator, God continues to create new things, new lives, new hopes, new dreams, new vision, new opportunities. That is the nature of forgiveness and the power of God's love.

Join us this Sunday, and every Sunday, as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord! See you Sunday.

—Steve Eason, Interim Pastor

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