From Somebody to Somebody Else

Years ago I took a seminar on grief. The facilitator told us something that I have never forgotten. He said when we lose something, we have to move from the Somebody that we currently are to the Somebody Else we now have to become. That doesn't happen overnight. If you lose your spouse, you cannot just automatically become Somebody Else. In between those two is a state of being Nobody. I cannot go back and be the Somebody I was (a person with aspouse), nor can I quickly move ahead and become Somebody Else. So, we stay in a state of Nobody. I'm neither who I was, nor am I yet who I will be. 

That's a painful place. It's a confusing place. It's a lonely place. We lose our appetite, we don't sleep well. We have low energy. Depression creeps in and we aren't really sure what to do.

This Sunday I'll be preaching on the second Beatitude, "Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted." The fact that Jesus made this a Beatitude tells us something. Mourning is a part of life. God knows and cares about our losses. There is promise of comfort. 

We lose many things in this life: people we love, health, jobs, dreams, friendships, etc. We have to become "Somebody Else."  The good news is we don't do that alone. We do it with each other and with God's help.

Look forward to seeing you this Sunday in worship!

Thanks for listening,