Gratitude for the Saints

In our Sunday worship services we will read the Roll Call of the Saints, and remember those members of our church who have died since All Saints’ Day last year. We remember them in our prayers and give thanks for their lives.

The families of these members have been invited to worship on Sunday and will receive a white rose in honor of their loved one. As we give thanks for all the saints who have gone before, we pray that God’s mercy and peace be with their families and friends.

Sally Smith Williams
Benjamin Daniel Guise
Mary Estes Speight
Margaret Shirey Dawson
Bryon “Ray” Fike
Dr. William W. Regan
Mary Hunter Larus Fulmer

Robert S. Spratley
Felecia Turman Prendergast
Betty Baber Kaufman
Richard Reaves Louthan
Richard Kennedy Green
Ann Fowlkes Dodd
Roxanna “Roxie” Joynes
Rev. W. Newton Todd

FPC Richmond