January Term Adult Classes

Join us Sunday mornings in January! All classes Sundays 9:45-10:45 am.

• Raising Empathetic Children In the Age of Social Media - Room 205

Social media has changed all of our lives with email, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Connections with people are formed and relationships are broken over the internet. How do we as families deal with the realities of social media and the impact it can have on children? How do we deal with the changing face of bullying and nurture compassion and empathy within our families?

Teacher: Educator Ingrid DeRoo is an upbeat and engaging speaker who currently serves as Site Coordinator with Communities In Schools of Richmond at George Mason Elementary School. A committed teacher and Christian, Ingrid believes that her role allows her to work with students so they know that each person is made with purpose, is loved and are more than their circumstances.

• The Song of Songs: The Sexiest Book of the Bible - Room 219

More commentaries have been written on the Song of Songs than on any other book of the Bible, and one ancient rabbi regarded it as the "holiest of holies." However, in today’s churches, the Song is often considered taboo, a sensual, sexy, love poem that we’d rather skip over. We will explore the Song, its incorporation into the Bible, its interpretation over the centuries, and its relevance for our world today.

Teacher:  Rev. Megan Fullerton Strollo is an adjunct professor of Biblical Greek anda Ph.D. candidate in Hebrew Bible at Union Presbyterian Seminary.

• The Legacy of Slavery - Fellowship Hall 

Richmond is a city with a complex and significant past. Finding our bearings in that history can sometimes be challenging, so this class will survey significant eras in Richmond’s past to examine the legacy of slavery from Reconstruction up to the Civil Rights Movement. We will see how the city has evolved and where we are today.

Teachers: Dr. Edward L. Ayers is a nationally known historian, writer and past president of University of Richmond. A historian of the American South, Ayers has written and edited ten books. The Promise of the New South: Life After Reconstruction was a finalist for both the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize. Christy Coleman is the CEO of the America Civil War Museum. Passionate about education, Coleman enjoys helping the public examine and ponder the complexity of American history, a critical component to better understanding our current experience and future trajectory as a nation.

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