Is That You, God?

How would you know if you were listening to God's voice, or if it were something else? I'll be preaching on this question this Sunday. It's not just a matter of "hearing voices," but it's more a matter of discerning God's will. This isn't easy work.

Does God have a will for my life? Does God have a will for this church? Does God have a will for our nation? Does God have a will for the earth and all that is in it? If not, then we are on our own. If so, how do we discern this will? How do you hear "the voice of the Lord?"

If you've ever wondered about these sorts of things, plan to join us this Sunday. I can't promise any easy answers, but we can honestly search together for the many ways in which God speaks to us.

Wonder how different the world would be if we all listened for that Voice...

Thanks for listening,