The Gospel According to Pixar

April 8 through May 20, Room 219
Robert and Mary Park, teachers


The Gospel According to Pixar looks at how each Pixar film portrays the basic concerns of everyday life and seeks to connect them with a Christian understanding of the world. Using imaginative stories about fish, monsters, and cars, Pixar films touch on such deeply human themes as love, identity, suffering, forgiveness, fear, freedom, guilt, purpose, and belonging.” Since 1995, with its first full-length feature film, Toy Story, Pixar has been creating and releasing films that engage both children and adults. 

With characters that are transformed by both external and internal forces, it is no wonder that Christian themes emerge. This class will take a look at one film each week (following the introduction on April 8). We will explore a series of movie clips and engage in theological discussions that will change the way you view these unique works of art. 

Join us as we provide real ways to discuss God, theology, and our faith through films that are quickly becoming new family classics that can be viewed with your children and grandchildren.

Taught by Robert and Mary Park and will meet April 8-May 20 (with the exception of Mother’s Day, May 13).


Rob Collins