Revisiting the Exodus - What Are Scholars Saying Now?


March 31, April 7 & 14, 9:45-10:45 am, Room 218 with Stuart Nixon

Because the story of the Exodus is such a familiar part of our Judeo-Christian heritage, many believers may be surprised to learn that Biblical scholars have raised many questions about the story and are gradually developing a different perspective on what actually occurred. 

During this class we will review the latest findings of archaeologists, linguists, historians, and other commentators, with special attention to the work of Richard Friedman, author of the recent book: The Exodus -- How It Happened and Why It Matters. Friedman, along with other scholars, is particularly interested in the question of how the wandering Hebrews came to believe in a superior deity known as Yahweh.

Stuart is a member of FPC and a frequent presenter to our church members as well as a variety of other audiences. He is an accomplished writer, historian, and presenter.


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