Popular Misconceptions Concerning the Arab/Israeli Conflict and the Bible


Oct 14, 21, 28, Nov 4 

9:45-10:45am - Room 218

Join Dr. Mark Biddle, Baptist Theological Seminary Professor of Old Testament and author, and the Covenant Class as they explore the data and try to develop a perspective that respects Israel's status as the chosen people without condemning the Palestinians to perpetual suffering.

Popular conceptions about the modern Arab-Israeli impasse typically assume that its roots trace back to the animosity between Ishmael and Isaac. According to this line of thought, the two peoples have been destined, almost divinely ordained, for conflict.  Furthermore, anyone who fails to support Israeli policies, so the argument goes, may be guilty of anti-Semitism.  Those who support Israel's expansionism will also accrue God's blessing.  The only problems with this neat system are that it conforms neither to the actual teachings of scripture nor to historical events.

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