We Have a Prayer: Talking to God as Jesus Taught Us


Sundays in June, 9:00-9:45am, Fellowship Hall

Join us for a lecture-style Sunday school class studying the Lord’s Prayer with Dr. F. Scott Spencer, Professor of New Testament and Biblical Interpretation, Baptist Theological Seminary. 

“They don’t have a prayer,” we sometimes say, when people find themselves in dire straits with no hope in sight. We’ve probably felt this despair ourselves at times. But the fact is: we always have a prayer—the Lord’s Prayer that Jesus himself prayed and taught us to pray. And this prayer packs a good bit more punch than we might think. Apart from its deeply personal impact, it also carries profound communal, political, and economic import. 

We will explore all these dimensions of the Lord’s Prayer in a four-part series:

1.    One Lord, Two Prayers: Distinct Gospel Contexts
2.    Divine Rule: Doxological and Political Concerns
3.    Daily Bread: Social and Economic Concerns
4.    Debt Relief: Communal and Formational Concerns

Dr. Spencer has published numerous articles and reviews in academic journals pertaining to his interests in Jesus and the Gospels, the Book of Acts, and the role of women in the New Testament and early church.

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